Hot Tip - if you have made a BPAY recently or a payment is processing, wait until it is received in your profile before changing payment methods.

Step 1

Once logged in, click your Profile button

Step 2

Click the Payment Settings tab

Remember: You need to be a Primary Tenant to set up Direct Debit or Credit Card Payments

Step 3

Your current method will have a green Default tag on it. Click Change payment method? and select either Bank Account or Credit Card (incurs a 1.6%+10c surcharge).

Once you enter the payment details and save, you will see your new method as the default for your profile.

Both Bank Account and Credit Card are automatic payment methods meaning once you enter them, they will be automatically debited three business days prior to rent being due - the debit date can be found in your profile. This ensures your rent is always received on time and your history will show no late payments.

That's it! Your rent will now be paid automatically from your new default payment method. Visit this section any time you would like to change payment methods.

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