Step 1

On the Properties tab, click the Add a Property button.

Step 2

Select the branch/portfolio the property belongs to and the management gained reason. You can then enter the property address and specs.

Step 3

Enter the primary owner's contact details to create an investor profile. If your owner has multiple investment properties, the Managed App allows you to consolidate them into one portfolio by simply using the same email when creating additional property profiles. You can create other owners later.

Hint: If your landlord does not have an email, use an alias ie [email protected]

Step 4

Is the property owned in a company, super fund, or trust? If so, you can nominate this entity and the contact details. These details will appear on statements and reports but remember that changes here only update this property.

Important: This setting is separate from each owner's profile and personal login details.

Step 5

Enter all your agency fees. You can change calculation methods on some fees by clicking the drop-down box. Fees are automatically created by the system based on events and tasks. Learn more about that here.

Remember: All amounts and fees are inclusive of GST. So if you charge a 6% management fee, enter 6.6%. If you charge 1 week's Rent, enter 1.1 weeks.

Once you click Save, the property will appear on your rent roll list! Note: this is simply creating a draft/inactive property and your owner won't receive an invite.

Next Step: Configure the property profile

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