Step 1

In the Property Profile, click onto the Lease tab

Step 2

Click Edit on the lease box and start by adding the weekly rent, then change to the preferred payment frequency. The app will auto-calculate if you opt for fortnightly or monthly payments.

Hint: If you have an existing lease, you can only add the next lease once a termination date has been set.

Step 3

If you need to collect a Deposit/First Months Rent upfront, select the amount required from the drop-down. Learn more here.

If no deposit is required, or if it is an existing tenancy that's being moved from another system, simply leave this section as $0

Step 4

Once available, enter the Bond ID and the amount held.

Step 5

Enter the lease dates. Your Lease Start and Lease End dates are as per the tenancy agreement. You then enter the First Payment date and click Save.

IMPORTANT: The First Payment is the day you want the tenant to start paying in the Managed App. For Example, if a tenant is 'paid to' the 15th July in the old software, their First Payment in the Managed App will be the 16th July.

Step 6

Enter the tenant's contact info. The app will then prompt you to send them an invitation when you're ready so they can set up their profile.

Click Save on the Tenant section and your lease is all ready to go!

Next Step: Activate!

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