Step 1 - Go to the property

In the Properties tab select the property

Step 2 - Go to the lease section

Once in the property profile, click the Lease tab

Step 3

Click Terminate Lease and enter the tenant's vacate date along with a reason for the termination.

The final payment will now be adjusted from the full period to the partial period as per the vacate date:

Hint: To remove a vacate date, you need to click Cancel Termination and also delete the vacate adjustment from the transactions tab.

Step 4

Once the lease passes the termination date entered, it will be moved to the Terminated Leases section so you can still access ledgers and payment history by clicking View Transactions

If you are making a bond claim (NSW, QLD) on behalf of the landlord, you can do that here - if not, you can ignore the Release Bond button.

Tenant paid past vacate?

You cannot add a vacate date/termination date that is before the tenant's current paid-to date. If they have paid past the desired termination date, jump on Support Chat and request the most recent rental payment be refunded. This will revert the tenant to the previous paid-to date and allow you to enter the correct termination date. Ensure you have the bank details for the tenant ready before lodging this request.

Other helpful links: how to make a bond claim (NSW, QLD), how to archive a property, adding an upcoming tenancy.

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