All your daily activities are now called tasks. They have types (eg Bill), categories (eg Council Rates), assignees (you or your teammates), and statuses (eg awaiting approval).

All tasks are ordered chronologically by Due Dates or Action Dates (when you need to do something).

Types & Categories

There are 20+ task types in the Managed App and multiple categories for each. You can see the task type from the Action Centre. It will help to review these so you can find and allocate future requests quickly.

Workflows & Statuses

Each task type has bespoke statuses that will allow all Task Followers to track the progress of the workflow. The PM can skip forward in a workflow however in most instances the status will be updated by you completing actions.


The Action Centre defaults to your personalised view, meaning it is filtered to show just tasks that are in your name.

To see all open tasks in the agency, click Clear All to remove your name from the manager filter. You can also generate specific reports by using the filters. You can use multiple filters to narrow down the list too.

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