The Transactions tab is kind of like internet banking - it's detailed, interactive and in real time. Your landlords and tenants can also access their transaction history from any device, any time, anywhere.

The Transaction Tab itself

You will see two sections: Upcoming and Completed.

The Upcoming section will show you when the next rental payment is due and also any bills that are about to be paid. You can click on the bills to see more information.

Hint: If your owner wants to pay a bill early or from a one-off payment method, they can also click the pay button in their profile.

All successful payments are found in the Completed section and offer a detailed look into the date, amount and reason for the payment.

Breakdowns and Disbursements

You can click on any completed payment to expand it. Here you can see the amount that was disbursed to your owner's bank account or wallet (if income) along with payment method used for any expenses.

You can also click through to any bills to access further information including the PDF attachment by clicking on the title.

Other helpful links: How to generate an owner statement, How to generate a tenant ledger

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