Step 1

Create a Bill task from your action centre, the property's task tab or with Billie.

Step 2

Add the Title and Description. This will appear on your owner's transaction list and statement so the payment is easily identifiable.

Step 3

Select the Tax Category, select Who's Paying and enter the amount of the bill. Under the 'To' dropdown, click Search for a creditor and type Pay via BPAY - this will allow you to enter the BPAY details.

Hint: if you use Billie, the previous biller code and reference number will be auto-filled.

Step 4

Now you can upload the invoice from the creditor. Simply drag and drop the PDF or browse for the file on your computer.

Step 5

When all the information is correct, click Save and then Schedule. For owner payments, this will schedule the invoice for automatic payment on the due date using the owners preferred payment method. If you have invoiced the tenant, they will be prompted to pay via their profile.

REMEMBER: If the Owners or Tenants are following the bill, they will receive a notification plus be able to access the bill information and view the PDF.

and that's it! The bill will be automatically paid on the due date, the payor will receive an automated payment receipt.

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