Step 1

Provide all your agency information to your Managed App Account Manager and they will create you a profile in the system.

Step 2

Upon your profile being created, an email invitation will be sent to your inbox.

Tip: Please be sure to check your junk folder just in case it's been misplaced.

Step 3

Set your password. Make it nice and secure!

Then agree to our T&Cs and click Next

Step 4

Enter your agency's bank account. This is where you will receive all management fees, lettings fees and any other revenue.

Step 5

Enter a payment method for any fees, charges or reimbursements you may need to process. This payment method will also be used for any subscription charges.

Click the T&Cs box before clicking Next

Click Confirm and this will take you to the app.

Step 5

Once logged in, click your profile icon to double-check your information add in any missing fields to complete your profile.

Set up 2FA for your account by generating an SMS code and enabling the feature

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