Step 1

Your property manager will send you an email invitation to create an Investor Profile

Hint: if you can't find your invite, check your junk folder just in case or click here to send a new one

Step 2

Set a secure password, confirm you have read our T&Cs and click Next.

Troubleshooting tip: If you get an errors here, your invitation has most likely expired. Reset your password to get a fresh link by clicking here

Step 3

The first method you need to choose is where your rent is paid to. This can be any bank account. All rent received is deposited instantly into this account. 

Once all the fields are complete, click Add Account.

and then double-check them!

If you have more than one property, this account will be the default for all of them. You can customise each property once you're all set up.

Step 4

You can now choose how you pay for any property expenses. You can continue to have expenses paid from rent collected by selecting Pay via Rent. However if you'd prefer, you can add a payment method like a credit card and all expenses.

Hot tip: Setting a Credit Card allows for instant payments, which means trades will often offer a cheaper price and bills will never be paid late due to waiting on rental income.

Step 5

Accept the T&Cs then click Next to save.

You can now complete the setup process by clicking Confirm.

and that's it! Your investor profile is now set up. You can change/customise these accounts anytime you like and even set bespoke accounts for each property you own by visiting the property settings.

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