The Transactions tab is kind of like those old school Tenant Ledgers, except it's much more detailed, interactive and in real time. You can also access your transactions from any device, any time, anywhere without having to contact your Property Manager.

Click on the Transactions Tab

Upcoming & Completed

Payments are broken into two categories, upcoming and completed. Any outstanding or future payments will appear in the Upcoming section so you can see due dates and even pay early if convenient.

All paid items are listed in the Completed section and can be expanded to see the breakdown of the payment

Rental Payments

Rental transactions are labeled as Rent and offer information such as due date (if upcoming), paid date (if completed), the rental period the payment relates to and also the payment method used.

Exporting Payments

You can export your tenant history as PDF or CSV by clicking the preferred format on the transactions tab.

IMPORTANT: If you make a part payment, the system will not mark outstanding rent is made until it is paid in full. Funds will be held in your tenant wallet until full payment is received.

If you have any questions about completed or upcoming payments please contact your Property Manager.

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