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Here is what you need to know if your agency is moving to the Managed App

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So your agency has decided to move onto Managed App, Australia's leading Property Management platform. Here are a handful of the many reasons why you as a landlord, will love it!

1. A whole new level of privacy & security

The old-school property management software your agency used to use had very little in place when it came to protecting your contact information, history and payment information. The Managed App is the most secure Property Management platform available on the market.

2. No more waiting for rent

Get paid rent instantly. The Managed App payment system means rent is received from your tenant to your bank account within a few seconds, not at the end of the month. This is a cashflow game-changer for property investors and lots of existing users are capitalising on this feature by offsetting their home loans and saving on interest.

3. Maintenance & Improvements made simple

Track all requested repairs, maintenance & capital improvements for your property from start to finish. You can chat with your property manager within the request and can  view photos, videos, PDFs, quotes and approval requests.

4. Investor tools

See all your property’s performance stats, cash flow forecasts and financial summaries in one place. You will also soon have access to our depreciation calculators and purchasing tools such as feasibility and home loans. calculators.

5. Seamless Communication

Everything your property manager does is logged in your profile - from maintenance through to rent reviews, routine inspections and everything in between. You can receive notifications, status updates and even chat with your agency directly from the app.

6. Access all your documents, reports and financials

Agreements, leases, statements, reports, by-laws, condition reports etc - you can find all this and more in the app so you no longer have to contact your Property Manager to chase copies when you need them.

7. More transparency on your portfolio

We’ve made it simple for you to get in touch with your property manager, and it’s now easier than ever for them to get information to you quickly. By streamlining the property management process, your property manager can now spend more time working with you to maximise your returns. We’re all about creating a better real estate experience and making life easier.

8. Consolidated portfolio view

Add all your properties, regardless of location or agency and keep them all in your Investor Profile. You can customise ownership entities, bank accounts and even invite other owners or consultants to access your property information.

..and lot's more - for a full run down on the functionality, go grab a coffee with your Property Manager and hear all about it.

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