Step 1

Is the property owned in a company, super fund, or trust? If so, you can nominate the entity name and contact details. These details will appear on statements and reports but remember that changes made here only update this property.

Important: Ownership settings here are separate from each owner's profile and personal login details. Don't change an owner profile thinking it will change a property's ownership.

Step 2

Add any Other Owners for the property. The Primary Owner controls bank details and payment settings. Other Owners have access to the property, reports, and requests.

Step 3

You can also split the rent between owners if necessary. Simply set the ownership percentage next to their profile:

Step 4

Drag and drop your Hi-Res photos. The first picture here will be the cover photo for the property profile.

Step 5

Select the assigned Property Manager for this property. If they have not been created, you can invite them from your contacts tab. You can also add the keys to your key tracker here.

Step 6

If the property falls under a Strata Plan or Body Corporate, you can enter these details here and even attach by-laws/building rules.

Step 7

Add any special notes to the property and attach your Managing Agency Agreement / Authority / Form 6. The Special Authorities box is a shared noticeboard and visible to your landlord. The Internal Notes box is just for agency use.

Don't forget to click Save! That's it, the property profile is now complete!

Next Step: Create a lease

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