Step 1 

Your tenant can lodge a maintenance request from their phone, tablet or computer and include all the supporting info you need including descriptions, photos, videos, access instructions, permissions and other helpful details.

You will receive a notification via email when it is lodged:

and the request appear on your Action Centre:

Step 2

Click on the task to review the request. You will see all the information they have provided here.

Step 3

Your owner isn't alerted to the request until you have a chance to review it. If it's a legitimate request, you can add them as a follower and click Accepted.

Alternatively, you can click Declined and add a reply to the tenant letting them know why it was not accepted.

Step 4

If you require further information from either tenants or owners, you can ask them a question from within the task by adding a reply and selecting them from the drop down.

Step 5

When you're ready to contact a tradie, click the Tradie action button.

Step 6

Search for a tradie by their name, company or even type ie plumber. Once selected,  type your personal message and click Send. All tradie correspondence is highlighted yellow and visible to the owners (not the tenants).

The tradie will receive an email with all the job information including photos/videos and tenant contact details. This will help them diagnose the issue quickly and schedule to fix it ASAP. They will receive instructions to respond and accept the job if they are available.

Step 7

If you want to send the request to multiple tradies, just repeat step 6 and it will be tracked in the task history.

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