So what does our Tradie Marketplace mean for you?

We are here to provide as many benefits as possible to tradies connecting with the Managed App and below are just some of the benefits:

Faster payments 

Our platform doesn't wait for the tenant's rent or End of Month. In fact, it doesn't even wait for you to invoice. A property manager can send funds to you instantly upon a job being completed.

Clearer Work Orders

Unclear instructions or poor descriptions can significantly increase the time spent on each job and therefore reduce your profit. With Managed you will see accurate descriptions, photos and/or videos, access times/instructions, tenant contact details, and a maximum expenditure on each request. This will streamline each job making it easier and more profitable for you.

Access to more jobs

Your tradie profile is public and it will be shared with every agency that is powered by the Managed App. This means more jobs, more often, in the same areas with greater consistency.

Flexible Communication

Don't want to use an app? Use email. No email address? Get an SMS. You choose how to receive work orders from our agencies

No Upfront Costs

We do not charge for lead generation like many other platforms. We only charge on success and automate the fee collection process. Our 6% + GST marketplace fee (capped at $120 + GST) is simply taken from your payment and outlined on the payment receipt that is emailed to you.

If you would like to know more, email [email protected] to chat with our team.

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