Your Live Statement is a digital Income and Expenditure report and is found on the Financials tab in each property.

Remember, this statement will not show the disbursements to your bank account. Visit the transactions tab for that information.

Custom date ranges

With the live statement, you can select any time period or date range you like. Once you have made your selection, click Filter to generate the report.

The Statement Itself

The basic layout shows the ownership details, lease info, wallet balance and then a full breakdown of Income & Expenditure for the period. You will see transactions for the specified dates only.

The Payment Method Indicator

Next to every expense you will see a little icon to remind you what payment method was used.

CC is Credit Card
DD is Direct Debit from your bank account
Wallet means it was paid from withheld rental income

Exporting Statements

You can export your statements too in either PDF format or a CSV file if you'd like to open in excel/import into other software.

Hopefully this gives you a good insight into how to generate reports. Remember you can print/export at any time. You will also receive an email from your agency at the end of each month with all the transactions for that period.

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