Each property in your portfolio has a Live Statement which your landlords can access. This report is in real time and is also interactive, provide a cashflow position and even show what payment method was used.

The statement can be found on the Financials tab in the Property Profile

The Statement Itself

The basic layout shows trading information, key lease info, wallet balance and then a full breakdown of Income & Expenditure for the period.

Selecting a Date Range

You can choose to view a specific time period or date range at any time by using the drop-down menu or the date selectors. This will show transactions for the specified date only.

The Payment Method Indicator

Next to every expense, there is an icon indicating what payment method was used.

CC is a Credit Card to a creditor
DD is Direct Debit from the Landlord's payment method to another bank account
BPAY is a payment from the Landlord's method to a BPAY Biller (ie council)
Wallet means the payment came from rental funds held in the Landlord Wallet

Exporting statements

The Managed App auto-generates monthly statements from the assigned Property Manager to every landlord that has a transaction against their property. This is triggered on the 1st day of each month and sent as a PDF and CSV to the owner's email.

Statements can also be accessed on-demand in either PDF or CSV format by clicking the desired format.

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