Adding a Reply

You can add a reply to any task by clicking Reply in the task menu.

Choose who to message

When sending a reply, you can choose your recipients:

 - Reply All: A blast communication to tenants and landlords

- Reply Agency: An internal message only visible to your team

- Reply Owners: A message to your owner(s), visible to the owner(s) & agency only

- Reply Tenant: A message to your tenant(s), visible to the tenant(s) & agency only

NOTE: If you send a reply to a user who is not following the task, they will be automatically added as a Follower.

How replies are received

When users are sent a reply, they are notified via email. This notification shows the message and gives the option to reply directly within the task.

Every reply is time and date stamped for your records plus show who the message was sent to. This means all your communication is recorded and consolidated within the task.

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