Step 1

Click the Payments button and then the Billie tab

Step 2

Drag and drop PDFs and/or images of your invoices into Billie. You can drop in as many individual files as you like. Billie will queue the invoices for you and you can click the first invoice to see it in the box. 

Step 3

Match the invoice to a property. Start typing the street address and select the property.

Add the recipient of the invoice, ie if it is fr the owners to pay, then they should be the only follower.

Then you can nominate the tax category which will help reduce admin and costs for your landlord (and their accountant) at EOFY. Don't stress if you don't know as this can be updated at any time.

Step 4

Ensure it's not a duplicate. If you have already paid the invoice, Billie will give you a reminder. If it's the next instalment or a similar payment you can auto-fill from the previous invoice too. Billie will also remind you if the invoice should belong to an existing task and offer to complete it. 

If neither of these options suit, you can create a completely new invoice by skipping this step.

Step 6

Is this a split bill? If so, check the split box and you can create a second bill for the same invoice for example if the tenant is paying the water usage component.

Remember: If the second bill is for someone else, update the followers so they get alerted.

Step 7

If you want the bill created and added to upcoming transactions, check the auto payments box. If not, leave it unchecked and Billie will create the task as a draft for you to schedule the payment later.

When done, click save and Billie will then serve up the next invoice or let you know if you're all finished.

And that's it! Your payment has now been created and if you added any followers, they will get notified.

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