Check the payment status and processing times

If the tenant only recently made a payment or the status says processing, you will need to check the payment method (found in the tenant's profile) and standard Processing Times to understand when it will be received.

Check the tenant wallet

If the tenant is set to BPAY they might have made a partial payment. You can see any odd payment amounts in their tenant wallet by clicking their profile.

If there are additional tenants on the profile, check their wallets too!

If the tenant has some funds in their wallet and they don't match a full period, you need to request the tenant pays the outstanding balance to complete the rental payment - funds do not get disbursed unless they match a full period.

Request the remittance

You need to be able to sight a remittance for the payment. Make sure the remittance has the date/time, the biller code and reference used and also states it was successful. Once you have it, double check it falls outside of the standard Processing Times and if it does, send the PDF remittance and info via the Managed App Support chat

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