Some helpful tips that might help you solve your issue before you contact us

  1. Try clearing your web browser's cookies and cache. This removes old data and allows your browser to perform better, which may resolve the issue.

  2. Search the Knowledge Base for instructions. Enter a keyword into the search bar and you will find all the how-to guides for that part of the app. For example, if you are wanting to issue a rental credit, search 'credit' into the top search bar and relevant articles will be suggested for you.

  3. Take a refresher and re-watch the Training Series on Managed TV.

Accessing the chat

The Managed Support Team is an online resource that can be contacted by our Managed App Bot at the bottom of your screen. Click this and start chatting.

There is no phone number for our team as we are much more effective at helping when we have requests submitted this way.


The Managed App Support Team is based in Sydney and are available from 9am to 5pm AEST Monday to Friday. The expected turnaround time is approximately 24 hours.

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