Rent flagged as overdue

The first thing to occur is that the system will flag the payment as overdue in the transactions list and in the agency's payment centre. 

A payment is considered overdue if it is not successfully paid by the following morning. For example, the below rental payment is for the 6th Jan - 12th Jan. If on the 7th Jan no funds have been received, the payment will be marked as overdue.

Arrears task created

As soon as the payment is flagged as overdue, an arrears task is created for the property's assigned PM. You can view all properties that are in arrears by applying that filter on your Action Centre.

Alerts sent to tenants

Upon the payment being marked as overdue, the app will start sending payment reminders to all tenants attached to the lease. These will continue to be sent as long as there is an overdue payment. 

Note: These cannot be turned off - to stop arrears notices, the payment item must be paid or credited in full.

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