Step 1

Create the lease and nominate the deposit amount you would like to collect. Learn how to do that here

Step 2

You will now see the deposit that is awaiting payment on the transactions tab and can send the tenant their invitation to pay it. We recommend sending this link in their acceptance email: How do I pay my deposit?

Hint: If a tenant is unable to pay via the app, click their profile to find their BPAY details.

Step 3

Once the deposit has been paid, the Property Manager will receive a notification advising the funds have been received and they are held in the tenant wallet until you either activate or cancel the proposed tenancy.

You will see the lease marked as Deposit Paid and the property status will now be Pending Activate.

If you activate the tenancy, the deposit held will be applied to the first rental period.

If the tenant is not proceeding and you need to claim the deposit, create a bill for the owner first, then activate the lease, pay the bill, and terminate it once complete.

If you click Cancel Lease, the deposit will be refunded to the tenant.

Other helpful links: Terminate a lease, Activate!, configure the lease

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