Configure your fees

All fees are found on the Overview tab in the Property Profile. Usually you would add all your agency fees when you add a property, however if they changed or updated, you can do that any time too. 

The fee section looks like this:

Collecting the different types of fee

Management Fees: Your management fees are automatically collected as rent is processed via the app. These are paid directly to your nominated agency account and recorded on your revenue report.

Letting/Renewal Fees: If your agency charges letting or lease renewal fees, these are triggered upon Activating a lease. A popup will confirm you want to charge the fee and if you confirm, a bill task will be created for you. You will still need to approve it just like any other bill - see steps 5 & 6 here.

Admin Fee: If your agency charges a recurring monthly admin/statement fee, you can set this amount here. The system will create the first fee when this fee is added and then automatically create and pay it each month going forward on the date it was originally created. To cancel admin fees, either remove the fee from the schedule or archive the property.

Other fees: If you want to charge a fee that doesn't appear on our list, you can create an ad-hoc invoice by creating an Agency Bill.

Remember: All fees are inclusive of GST

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