Step 1

Get in touch with your Managed App Relationship Manager to configure your agency profile for bond lodgements.

You can do this via our support chat too.

Step 2

After you activate the lease you need to request the bond by adding a tenant invoice and request the payment is sent to trust account. Set the due date to be in the past when creating this invoice.

Step 3

Once the tenant pays, the bond will be sent to your trust account and you will receive a notification from the app advising that the funds are ready for the Bond Board to debit it.

You can access the full history of bonds paid to your trust account by visiting your trust account creditor profile in contacts and clicking Financials.

Step 4

Create the bond in your bond portal just like normal and wait for it to be debited from your trust account. Once processed, add the bond ID to the tenancy in the Managed App.

Step 5

Your trust account creditor profile will have a full transactional history of all bonds paid in. Reconcile these at the end of each month with the ones that have been debited by the bond board. This will give you a trial balance and match your bank statement at that time.

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