Step 1

Start the Ingoing Report from your Action Centre. If you're yet to do this, click here to learn how.

Hint: Most PMs do this from their iPad or iPhone

Step 2

Click on the first area to get started. You can add/remove both areas and items now too so your report is as accurate as possible.

Hint: If you have done any reports or made updates to this property's condition, the old data will still be there. You can re-use this information in your new report or click Reset Condition or Reset Item. This will allow you to start with a clean slate for the area or the item and add new information.

Step 3

Work through each item to ensure the information is accurate and then click the checkbox to confirm. If you need to make an update to the item, you can click Add Condition to update the status, add a new description and/or add new multimedia.

Once all items are done in this area, click Next Area to progress through the property.

Remember: You can use your mobile to dictate descriptions rather than typing out all the information.

Step 4

The app will track all outstanding items with a number indicator and a tracking bar for each area. For an ingoing, you need to add information to every item.

Step 5

Once all items are complete you will have the option to click Send to Tenant. You will be prompted to add a digital signature and then you can either click Send to issue them a digital copy or alternatively, you can download the PDF so they can complete it offline.

Step 6

If sent digitally, The tenant will receive an email notification that they are required to complete their section of the report.

They will be required to go through all items and click Agree or Disagree. If they disagree with the agency's report, they must provide a reason and supporting multimedia.

Once the tenant's section is complete, they will be prompted to digitally sign. You will receive an email notification when the tenant has completed their section and the app will also email a copy to your owner as a PDF. The PDF copy of the report will be stored in the property's Inspection Report list.

Hint: If your tenant does not complete their section in the required time, you can download and then re-upload the PDF - this will auto-complete the report and lock it so no further updates can be made. The tenant will receive reminders from the app to complete their section until you close it or they complete it.

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