Step 1

Log into your Managed App profile on your mobile device. And click Inspect on the draft routine you would like to commence.

Hint: You can do this on desktop too if you already have photos to upload.

Step 2

Click on the first area to get started. The app will ask you to ensure the information is accurate and then click the checkbox to confirm. If you need to make an update to the item, you can click Add Condition to update the status, add a new description or add new multimedia.

Remember: The overall section is just for internal use and these photos won't appear on the report.

Step 3

If an item has changed or you would like to flag it for attention, you can click either Potential Bond Claim or Needs Work. These will flag on the report in a summary page so they are not missed. Flags will remain checked until your Outgoing Inspection.

Step 4

Click Complete Report then add a digital signature.

Upon completing the report, a PDF copy will be emailed to your owner and the Routine will be saved in the Inspection Reports list.

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