Step 1

Add the property and lease just like a residential property however in the Tenant name, you can add the company name (if applicable) in the First and Last name fields.

Step 2

Activate the lease then add your scheduled increases to the lease just like a normal rent increase. You can have multiple adjustments so you can even set your annual rent reviews upfront.

Step 3

Configure a recurring tenant invoice in XERO or MYOB. You can do this by creating a custom invoice template for each lease. When creating the invoice template, please add the tenant's BPAY details from their Managed App profile to the payment section of your invoice template.

This will send your monthly tenant invoice to the tenant. When they pay, it will automatically reconcile and sent them a receipt.

Step 4

Charging agency fees works in a similar way to residential, you can even add a % of annual rent for your leasing fees.

When it comes to outgoings, you can create bills for the tenant using the tenant invoicing process.

Managed App will develop a more bespoke commercial module soon, however, this setup will ensure you can still automate most of your payments without relying on another system for your commercial properties.

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