Step 1

You will receive an email notification to complete the tenant section.

Hint: We recommend completing this report on a mobile device or tablet.

Step 2

Click view report on the inspection that is awaiting tenant.

Step 3

When you're ready to begin, click on the first area.

Step 4

Check each area and tick if you agree with the agency's notes and photos. Repeat this process for each item and each area.

Important: Pay extra attention to Potential Bond Claims as these are items the agent has flagged as tenant damage.

If you disagree with the condition notes for an item, click the X and add a reason plus a photo to support your dispute.

Step 5

Once you have checked each area and item, click the Complete Report button and sign in the box.

and that's it. Your PDF copy will be permanently stored in your tenant profile and the agency will process the bond refund and/or contact you regarding any disputes.

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