Step 1

Get in touch with your Managed App Relationship Manager to configure your agency profile for bond claims. You can do this via our support chat too.

Step 2

Click the Lease tab on the property profile.

Step 3

Find the tenancy in the Terminated Leases section. If you have not terminated the lease yet, click here to learn how.

Step 4

Click Release Bond then enter the amount you're claiming on behalf of the owner. The Bond ID will populate from the lease, however, if it's blank you need to enter this prior to making the claim.

Step 5

Log into the RTBA portal and make the claim. The claim amount in the RTBA must match the amount you entered into the Managed App.

Now you just need to wait until the RTBA processes the claim. Upon the bond being released, the owner's claim will be sent directly to the disbursement account in their profile.

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