Tenant Wallet matching to Rent

If a tenant uses BPAY or EFT to send funds to their wallet, the app will automatically try and match it to payments that are due ie rent or bills.

If there are insufficient funds to pay a full rental period, the money will be held in the wallet until enough money is available for a full period.

For example, if a tenant's rent is $500 and they pay $400, that $400 payment will sit in their wallet until the balance of $100 is paid. They will be treated as in arrears if the period becomes overdue.

Tenant Wallet to Tenant Bills

Just like matching to rent, if a tenant has funds in their wallet it will try and match to bills too ie water usage.

This will happen automatically unless rent is due at the same time.

For example, If a tenant has a $500 rental payment due, and a $50 water usage invoice and they only pay in $50, the water usage bill will not be paid. If they pay $550, both the upcoming payments will match automatically.

Hint: If you need to reconcile an invoice despite rent being due, please reach out to support to match it for you.

Property Wallet to Property Bills

If an owner pays their bills from rental income, rent for any scheduled bills will be held in the property wallet until the due date. On the due date, if there are sufficient funds, the bill will be automatically paid. If there are insufficient funds, the app will wait until the next rental amount comes in and check again.

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