Step 1: Watch Managed TV

Managed TV is our YouTube Channel. We upload a wide range of content from our training course, to marketing material, FAQs, and Tips & Tricks to help you get the most out of Managed App.

You will find the Managed App training course on Managed TV and this is made up of 3 sessions being Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. For all new agencies we recommend watching these videos and our team will reach out to do a 30-min follow-up after to ensure nothing was left unanswered.

Step 2: Browse the Managed App Knowledge Base

There are hundreds of how-to guides in our knowledge base that will help guide you through specific workflows or features within our system.

Visit and search for what you need assistance with. Remember you can view these guides from the perspective of different users ie if you're wanting to help your owners, head over to the landlord section and share instructions with them.

Step 3: Book in for some Managed App Q&A Sessions

If you still have questions after watching Managed TV and reading our articles, you can book a session with our team to go through all your questions.

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