Step 1

Navigate to the marketplace and click the Find More Jobs tab

Step 2

Browse the open jobs in your area. Some might be quotes, others might be work orders. Work orders that are yet to be accepted by the assigned tradie have a person icon on them.

Hint: You will see more jobs by increasing your service area and/or adding more tags to your profile.

Step 3

To quote or give a price on an open job, click the Submit my quote button. This will allow you to provide a price and a description of the work you are proposing.

Be as detailed as possible here and once done click Send Quote. This will alert the agency that you are interested in the job and have provided a quote for the owner's consideration.

This job will now appear in your My Jobs list for you to manage. If successful, the agency will assign the job to you and decline other tradies who have provided a price for the job.

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