Step 1

You will receive an email alert when you have been sent a new Work Order.

Step 2

The Work Order email will contain all the information you need to complete the job including the description, photos, access information (either via tenant or agency keys) and a deadline to accept the job.

To proceed, click Review work order and log in to accept/manage the job.

Hot Tip: Other tradies can see these work orders and offer their services, be sure to accept it quickly so you don't miss out!

Step 3

The agency can set a max spend for the job. If you know it will exceed this amount, you can let them know immediately or alternatively, you can accept the job, review the work required and advise if it will exceed the limit while on site.

Step 4

When you're ready to accept the work order, click Accept to tell the agency that you are proceeding with the job. This will also remove it from the marketplace so no other tradies will be able to accept it.

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