Step 1

You will receive an email alert when an agency requests a quote.

Step 2

The quote request email will contain all the information you need to provide a quote for the job including the description, photos, access information (either via tenant or agency keys) and a deadline to submit your price.

Hot Tip: Other tradies can see these jobs and can quote too, be sure to supply a competitive quote quickly to increase your chances of securing the job.

Step 3

Provide your quote by clicking Quote.

The agency can set an indicative budget for the job however you can provide any price and a description of what your quote includes. If you need further information prior to providing a price, send the agency a message.

If the job has any admin or marketplace fees attached, you will see a breakdown of these fees when quoting so you can clearly see the final amount you will receive.

Once you send your quote, the agency will receive an alert and can seek approval from the owner. If successful, you will receive an email authorising you to proceed. If your works exceed the quoted amount, be sure to seek approval prior to proceeding with them by sending the agency a message from your profile.

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