Step 1

From the maintenance task, click the Tradie button.

Step 2

Click Create work order and search for the tradie you would like to use.

Hint: If you can't find the tradie, or need to find a specific type, you can click Show more results and search through all available trades on the Managed Marketplace.

Step 3

Add the job limit (max spend), and select the job type. Add multiple job types here to help the tradies understand the issue eg plumbing, appliance repair, new appliances.

Hint: Max Spend is just indicative. You can leave it as $1 if you do not want to provide a budget or indicative amount.

Step 4

Add a deadline for the job so your tradie knows when it needs to be accepted by and click Create Job to send the request to them

Your selected tradie will now receive the work order via email with all the job details plus a link to accept the job.

The Managed Marketplace will also alert nearby trades letting them know a job is available in their service area. They will be able to contact you but require approval prior to accepting the job.

You will also see the open job on the task, be able to chat with the tradie and will also be prompted if any marketplace trades offer to do the job for you.

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