Managing Quotes

After requesting quotes, you will see all the contacted tradies on the job screen. Any marketplace tradies who have offered their services will also appear here. You can also click through to the tradie's profile by clicking their name.

When a tradie provides a quote, you will receive an email alert and the quote details will appear on the job screen. You can click into each quote to see the correspondence history, any quote amounts plus any attachments the tradie has sent you.

If you would like to invite more tradies to quote, click the Invite button:

If you would like to ask your owner to review the proposed quotes click Review. This will send the owner an alert asking them to review and accept one of the quotes.

You can also cancel the job at any time. This will alert any trades that have quotes that you will not be proceeding with the works at this time.

Accepting Quotes

Once you're ready to proceed with one of the quotes, click Accept to alert the tradie.

Remember, your owner can also directly accept quotes and any activity will be logged on the task screen.

If you ever make a mistake and need to cancel an approval, click Revert Quote.

Your chosen tradie will now have instructions to proceed with the proposed works and the other quotes will be automatically declined.

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