Click the Marketplace icon to invite a new tradie or browse through existing tradie profiles.

Each tradie has their own profile meaning they can log in to manage their information, service offering, current jobs, insurance information and payment settings.

You can search for a tradie by service offering, whether they are on your preferred list, or by company name.

You can click on any tradie profile to view their information. Here you will find their tags (what services they offer), all their contact and trading information plus their service area.

The service area is powered by Google, and means that a tradie will only show on maintenance tasks for properties within the areas they wish work within.

If a tradie you would like to use is not in the marketplace, you can invite them by clicking Invite a Tradie. Upon entering their details, they will receive an invitation to complete their tradie profile and start managing jobs.

All maintenance jobs on the Managed App are public to marketplace tradies, meaning they can search for open jobs in their area and offer their services to an agency. This works for both quotes and work orders however the agency/owner still has to approve the request.

Maintenance jobs completed on Managed App may have fees associated with them depending on the agency's subscription and whether the job was supplied by the marketplace or directly by an agency. This could be an admin fee, service charge or a marketplace fee.

Other helpful articles: Reviewing maintenance requests, Sending a work order, Requesting a Quote

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