Trust money into Managed App

If you need to accept a payment from a tenant that doesn't have access to the existing Managed App payment options, you can easily utilise your trust account to collect the payments and then forward them into the relevant profile.

The most common use cases include tenants paying by cash or cheque.

Step 1

Supply the tenant with your Trust Account BSB and Account Number. Their reference number will be their BPAY reference fund in the Managed App profile.

Step 2

Generate your trust bank statement as a PDF each morning and forward the payments to the tenant's Managed App profile via BPAY.

The Managed App Biller Code is 80003.

Step 3

Strikethrough the transaction on your bank statement PDF to indicate its been passed onto Managed App. This will give you a $0 trial balance each day and give you 12 months of reports to provide to the auditor.

This process is very simple and only applicable to the small number of tenants that cannot use the auto payments in our system. If you ever need help with Managed Payments via your trust, please get in touch with support.

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