Why use a marketplace?

Maintenance is one of the largest costs associated with owning an investment property. It is also one of the most difficult things to place a value on, for example, we see many quotes vary by 20-30% or even more for the same job.

The reason we created this marketplace is to introduce an element of competitive tension and clarity when it comes to maintenance, repairs, and capital improvements. The end goal is to deliver higher quality work, in less time and at a competitive price.

How does it work?

When your agency creates a maintenance task, they have the opportunity to request quotes or send work orders to preferred tradespeople. These trades are alerted however at the same time, the marketplace alerts other tradies in the area and encourages them to get in contact to offer their services.

Tradies can supply prices, send attachments, provide updates on works and even manage their payments.

Are the trades all licensed and hold the appropriate insurances?

All tradies on the platform are verified by the Managed App Tradie Team and the tradie can update their profile in the Managed App to include all trading, licence, and insurance information. This information is available to your property manager.

But I have my own preferred tradie, can I still use just them?

The use of the marketplace is totally optional. Although tradies can provide prices, your property manager (or yourself) chooses who is instructed to complete a job. This means if you have your own tradies, you simply disregard the other options put forward by the marketplace.

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