Step 1

From the Action Centre, click Add a Task for any property

Step 2

Click the Manage Custom Tasks button

Step 3

Start by adding a new task type and click Add. You can rename or remove these Tasks at any point.

Step 4

You can now add categories if applicable. You can re-order these statuses and edit the names at any point. You can rename or remove these categories at any point.

Step 5

The last step is to create the statuses. These are the stages the activity must go through before it can be marked as completed. You can rename, remove or re-order these statuses at any point.

Click Done to save your new custom task type.

Remember: The default statuses of Draft, Notify Followers and Completed must remain.

Step 6

The new task type will now appear as an option when creating tasks and the statuses will be visible in the task progress bar

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