Using the loan

To access your loan funds, you can transfer them from the loan account to your property wallet to pay bills within Managed App or to your Owner Wallet to release them to your bank account.

On the Loans tab, click Transfer Funds.

To pay bills already in Managed App, make sure they're in the upcoming section, then send the funds to your Property Wallet. All these transactions will appear on your statement and EOFY Reports.

If you have already paid a bill offline and want to send the funds to your bank account, you can transfer the funds to your disbursement account.

Checking your loan balance & tracking your instalments

You can check your loan balance and see all your instalments at any time by clicking on the Loans tab and then on the relevant loan to see the information.

You will see a graph of your loan balance and a list of instalment amounts and due dates.

Making payments

Managed App will add the next repayment to your upcoming transactions automatically. You can make repayments from rental income if you're set to pay bills via rent. Alternatively, you can make repayments by changing your method to Bank Account or Credit Card.

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