EOFY Statements

Just after the 30th of June each year, Managed App compiles Income & Expenditure Reports for every owner that had transactions in the previous 12 months.

This report is sent via email as a PDF and CSV and can take up to 1 week after EOFY to be received. It is available on-demand from the property's Reports tab if needed urgently.

Accessing Reports

Agencies and owners can access all current and past EOFY Reports by clicking the Reports tab in the property profile

You can then download the preferred file type for all available years

Preparing for EOFY

There is no admin required for agencies to produce the reports however you can help your owners by ensuring there are no overdue bills in the lead up to the 30th of June.

It is also advisable to ask owners if they would prefer to process any invoices early as it may be more beneficial for them to pay an early payment.

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