Step 1 - Check for rental arrears

One of the first things our PMs do each day is check if any tenants are in arrears. To see any outstanding rental payments, select Arrears and click Filter.

Arrears notifications are sent automatically, you can learn more about that here.

REMEMBER - Check the tenant's profile to see if they have made a partial payment or forgotten to include a transaction fee (if applicable). This would prevent any funds in their tenant wallet from matching to rent. They might just need a message or call to remind them of the remaining amount to complete the payment.

Step 2 - Review overdue tasks

The next step is to make sure there are no overdue tasks. Remove the arrears filter so you can see all activity.

If there are any red due dates, you'll need to either close off the task or snooze it to a date that you will have time to action it.

Click on the task, and click Snooze, then Save. This will push it back a week.

If you need to remember why you snoozed a task (perhaps you're still waiting on a quote) or you need to let someone know why there is a delay you can simply add a reply after snoozing it.

Finally, if one of these tasks has already been done, simply mark it as complete in your workflow bar. This will remove it from your action centre and file it in the property history.

You can also add a note, ie "owner fixed themselves" so you know why the full workflow didn't happen in your system.

Doing these steps each day will ensure nothing is ever missed. All the latest activities will always be at the top of your list and you can get a good forecast of your upcoming activities.

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