Your Routine Inspection tasks are automatically created and added to your action centre once you configure each property's lease. They're only draft at this stage, so only you can see them until you're ready to schedule them in.

Step 1

Confirm the due date and task followers. The due date is the day you will attend the property and also the day the access notice will be for.

Step 2

Move the task to scheduled by clicking that stage in the workflow

This will send the access notice to the tenant and if you've chosen to have the landlord as a follower, will alert them that you've scheduled an inspection of the property.

Remember: If you change the date of the inspection after it is scheduled, you will need to update the tenant by adding a reply to the task.

Please see below an example of the access notice sent to the tenant:

Step 3

If you have Managed Inspect enabled, complete your Routine Inspection digitally.

If you use a 3rd party inspection app, complete the report then add the PDF to your Routine Inspection task:

Once the report has been completed, mark the task as completed. The app will then schedule the next inspection for you based on the frequency settings. 

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