Step 1

On the Lease tab, enter the lease amounts and dates.

Step 2

Set how many days in advance you would like the app to send your Rent and Outgoing Invoices. These are sent via email to the tenant at the same time but on separate invoices.

Step 3

If your tenant pays outgoings, scroll down on the lease page and you can create the schedule in the Outgoing Estimates box.

Click Edit, and add any outgoings to the schedule. This is an annual estimate which will create monthly instalments. If the tenant only pays a portion, you can set the Tenant Split % to be less than 100%.

Step 4

Add the tenant's contact details.
You can add a Company/Trust as a tenant, which will ensure that the Company/Trust name will appear on rental and outgoings invoices as well as other bills.

Step 5

Activate the lease to start the tenancy and queue the future payments and invoices.

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