Managed App allows you to set ownership structures for each property in your profile. You can even set payment methods for each and add other owners.

If you have multiple investment properties, you can see everything in one place regardless of the ownership structure.

Tip: You can consolidate your properties across Australia in your Investor Profile. Simply choose an agency that is powered by the Managed App in each location.

Adding other owners

Your Property Manager can edit your profile to invite additional owners or consultants (ie an accountant) to view your property.

Sharing income

If you own the property with another investor, your Property Manager can set an ownership percentage for your reports and payments.

Setting the ownership entity

Your Property Manager can also set the ownership entity for each property to either Personally or In a company or trust. If you nominate personally, this will just use the names of the owners attached to the property on all reports and financials.

If you select another entity, you can provide additional information including company/entity name, ABN/ACN, and a c/- address. This information will then be added to all reports and financials.

To request any of these changes, simply send a General Request through the app with the relevant information and your agency can update the profile for you.

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