Step 1

Terminate the lease as at the settlement date. If you need help with setting a termination date, click here.

Step 2

If there are any upcoming bills, confirm with the solicitor if they are payable by the vendor or the purchaser. If payable by the vendor, leave them in the system. If payable by the purchaser, cancel the payments and save the invoices to re-upload later.

Step 3

Re-add the property as a new profile with the new owner's details. If this new owner is paying the bills from step 2, you can re-add them now.

Step 4

You can then re-add the lease with the first payment date being the day after settlement.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you use the same email for the tenant. This will ensure they do not have to set up again.

Step 5

Archive the old property profile once the settlement is complete and no further tasks are outstanding.

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